Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not just random black market activities

One of the people who gave that anonymous briefing accusing Iran of smuggling IEDs into Iraq (I am calling them IEDs because I have decided that EFPs are in fact IEDs with better PR, which the Pentagon is pretending are a new scary weapon precisely because they need a new scary weapon to blame on Iran) is now known to be Gen. William Caldwell IV, Military Moron. News-googling shows that Caldwell claimed earlier this week that the Iranian government had to be behind the IEDs because if these were “just random black market activities,” everyone would have Iranian weapons, but, he insisted darkly, it’s only the Shiites that have them. Quod erat demonstrandum, says the master of logic. He speaks as if the black market is like a supermarket that anyone can shop in, but of course Iranian arms smugglers would be far more likely to have links with Shiite Iraqi arms smugglers (also, Sunni regions do not border Iran).

Holy Joe Lieberman went to the Senate on the Sabbath to vote against the surge resolution (assholery knows no day of rest), but John McCain would not violate the far greater sanctity of a campaign stop in Iowa, where he said that the resolution endangered our ability to overawe the president of Iran, “whose name I refuse to learn to pronounce.” Oh, snap! Ahmadinejad will no doubt sob bitter tears into his pillow when he hears of this snub.

That was the first time I have ever written “Oh, snap.” It will be the last.

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