Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And we’ve got Americans, who heal the broken hearts of little Iraqi girls

Bush is in Tennessee today. At the airport he met with a Dr. Karla Christian, who performed free heart surgery on an Iraqi girl. Said Bush, “And the contrast couldn’t be more vivid. We got people in Iraq who murder the innocent to achieve their political objectives -- and we’ve got Americans, who heal the broken hearts of little Iraqi girls.” And other Americans, who turn those actions into self-congratulatory photo ops.

Last year some Nicaraguan banana plantation workers successfully sued Dole for using chemicals that made them sterile. Well, last week a superior court judge overturned the verdict and greatly reduced the damages award, citing the fact that the damages happened, you know, a long time ago, and saying that punitive damages shouldn’t be awarded against “a domestic corporation for injuries that occurred only in a foreign country”. Of course they were suing in American courts in the first place because when other workers sued in Nicaraguan courts and were awarded damages, Dole simply refused to pay up. This ruling will affect other pending cases. Dole’s lawyer Rick McKnight says, “These cases will dry up, and they should,” adding, “Hey, you know what else dried up? The sperm of our Central American plantation workers.” I may have made up that last bit.

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