Thursday, March 06, 2008

Baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits?

Genital-Related Political Rhetoric of the Day: The British LibDem leadership decided that the party’s MPs would abstain from a vote on holding a referendum in Britain on the Lisbon Treaty (which reorganizes the EU executive in a sensible way, but as such affects national sovereignty and therefore in this blog’s opinion does require a vote of the people), even after new leader Nick Clegg (whose name I would find silly if it belonged to a fictional private detective, a tough loner who always wears a trench coat even though he lives in L.A. for God’s sake, but which I simply adore when it is attached to a British MP, particularly a leader of the Liberal Democrats) said that supporters of the EU lacked the “cojones” to hold such a referendum. In the parliamentary debate yesterday, William Hague, of all people, said of the LibDems, “This might explain why their interventions have become ever more shrill. They have become separated from their cojones. These unfortunate objects are now to be found, impaled on a distant fence.”

The prime minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen, failed to win a lawsuit against his former mistress, who published a book which revealed that he liked to take a sauna before sex and eat beef and potatoes after it. Romance, Finnish style: “Once, when he kissed me, he said that I tasted better than baked potato.” He met her on an internet dating site, and dumped her by text message.

In reproduction news, India will reward parents who do not kill their infant daughters, and Turkmenistan will pay about $250 to women who bear eight or more children, as well as free rides on public transportation and dental care.

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