Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bush endorses McCain: Determination to defeat an enemy, and a heart big enough to love those who hurt

Bush endorsed McCain today. While waiting for McCain to show up, he did a little dance for the press corps. Seriously, he did a little dance.

As the London Times put it, “He shuffled his feet, then did a little jig. ‘I’m just going to tap dance a little,’ the leader of the free world explained.” I can’t find video I can embed, but click here if you’re using Internet Explorer, or here to use an external media player (short ad first, sorry).

I’m struck by how little he allowed McCain to speak, how he meandered and filibustered and made the event all about him.

Which might explain why, when discussing how Bush might campaign for him in the future, McCain said it would depend on Bush’s busy schedule, using the words busy schedule or heavy schedule no fewer than five times.

Bush seemed a little confused about what job McCain currently holds: “He’s a President, and he’s going to be the President who will bring determination to defeat an enemy, and a heart big enough to love those who hurt.” Or possibly vice versa. Indeed, Bush seemed a little confused about whether McCain was a human being or some sort of inanimate object: “It’s a man who cares a lot about the less fortunate among us.”

The faces of your Republican Party. The hideous, hideous faces.

WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EXPECT: “Let me start off by saying that in 2000 I said, vote for me, I’m an agent of change. In 2004, I said, I’m not interested in change -- I want to continue as President. Every candidate has got to say ‘change.’ That’s what the American people expect.”

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