Sunday, March 16, 2008

Potato fraud

Headline of the Day, Story Which Inevitably Doesn’t Live Up to the Headline Division: “Two Men Arrested on Charges of Potato Fraud.”

Speaking of potato fraud, John McCain was in Iraq today (what, does every segue have to make sense?). He didn’t venture into a public market as he did last year, although he does seem to be wearing the same blue checked shirt under the same Velveeta-filled body armor.

I seem to be at a low creative ebb today, and planning to reserve all my remaining creativity for deciding which character in the HBO John Adams miniseries matches which character in The Wire (John Adams as McNulty? Abigail Adams as Kima? Samuel Adams as Omar? Alexander Hamilton as Clay Davis? Ben Franklin as Bunk? Jefferson as Bunny Colvin? Washington as Stringer Bell?), so all I seem to be able to come up with for this picture is an unworthy reference to a “surge” of urine when a car backfires. My friends, as McCain would say, that means it’s time for another Caption Contest!

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