Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bush and the fisher folk

Yesterday Bush commemorated the 4,000th American military death in Iraq with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Today, he met with the winners of some sort of fishing competition (is there something inherently different about the way men and women catch bass that requires separate divisions?).

HE THOUGHT IT WAS IMPORTANT: “And I thought it was important to welcome these champs here to the White House so that -- you know, to encourage people to fish.”

ELIOT SPITZER MIGHT DISAGREE: “There’s nothing better than fishing,” he added.

GOOD: “This is a good, clean sport. It’s a sport that requires good conservation in order to make sure our fisheries are good”.

Judy Wong, who exalts in the title “Women’s Bassmaster,” then said something that probably only sounds incredibly filthy: “I would be glad to take you any day on Toledo Bend.” Adding, “And bring Laura, as well.”

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