Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I met some of the wind boys

This morning, Bush spoke at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference.

He began, “I probably didn’t help today when I rode over in a 20-car motorcade,” totally preempting the joke I was going to make.

WHICH IS WHY WE WATER THEM EVERY DAY. “we want people who are living in poverty to be able to grow out of poverty”

THEY, WE... STOOPID PRONOUNS. “I’ve come today to tell you that America is the kind of country that when they see a problem, we address it head-on.”

IN OTHER WORDS WHOSE SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT: “In other words, the two most vulnerable areas to economic disruption happens to be automobile use and electric power.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “We’re providing tax incentives to people to buy these fuel-efficient vehicles. In other words, the government is saying if you buy one, we’ll give you a little incentive to do so.”

ER... “I met some of the wind boys.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “In other words -- I hope you’re excited by these statistics; I certainly am.”

IMAGINE: “If you really think about what would have been said in 2000 compared to today, imagine what’s going to be said 10 years from now compared to today.”

But who would want to?

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