Monday, September 29, 2008


To deal with Palin’s contradiction of McCain’s “not in front of the children” position about invading/bombing Pakistan, they both went on CBS tonight for a joint interview with Katie Couric. 3½ minutes of pure damage control.

Both decried this as an instance of “gotcha” journalism, without explaining how quoting what she actually said in response to a member of the public constituted gotcha journalism. Even if it had, so what? It’s a gotcha kind of world out there, Sarah. Also, McCain noted darkly, the exchange took place in a pizza place, and evidently it’s one of the firm rules of politics that What Happens in Pizza Hut Stays in Pizza Hut.

Palin said “not only am I ready, but willing and able to serve as vice-president”. Which is sort of a paradox: that may be the biggest lie she’s told in her entire life and she told it with a straight face, but... telling huge lies with a straight face is pretty much the entire job description of the vice presidency. All Thebans are liars...

Dude, leave the ring alone, already.

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