Friday, September 26, 2008

I’ve yelled at times, but you’ve always been smiling

Today, Bush met with Hamid Karzai, whose country may be going through its seventh year of war and occupation, but Bush is having a fine time: “I’ve had a grand experience in dealing with President Karzai.”

Possibly because Karzai, at least in his public statement sitting next to Bush, didn’t mention all the recent civilian casualties he usually claims to hate, and just profusely thanked him and the US. Not that it would make a difference if he did bring it up: “It’s an honor to have associated with you, to have had your friendship, and to have had your support, and to have had your patience with me. Very, very nice of you. I’ve yelled at times, I’ve been angry at times, but you’ve always been smiling and generous, and just so nice.” That must be so incredibly annoying, him just smiling stupidly while you’re yelling at him. Reminds me of my last cat.

Then he met with Not-Tony-Blair, Prime Minister Brown (Brown by name, brown by nature).

GREAT: “The United States has got a great friendship with Great Britain.”

ASKED AND ANSWERED: “What the Prime Minister wants to know is, is the plan we’ve devised big enough to make a difference, and is it going to be passed. And I told him the plan is big enough to make a difference and I believe it is going to be passed.”

Brown: “We talked about a number of issues -- Iraq, Afghanistan, the trade talks, what’s happening in Russia vis-a-vis, I think, Georgia, and about the general situation in the world economy.” He thinks Georgia? Is no one even pretending to listen to Bush anymore?

ALWAYS? BECAUSE I DON’T THINK “DON’T SHOOT UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES” COUNTS AS “STANDING TOGETHER”: Brown: “America and Britain have always stood together as one in times of difficulty and challenge.”

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