Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obviously going to see a devastated part of this fantastic state

Today Bush went to Houston to examine Hurricane Ike damage.

WHAT ENERGY COMPANIES INSTINCTIVELY WANT TO DO: “Secondly, obviously people are concerned about electricity and, you know, the -- what I look for, is there enough help to get these energy companies to do what they instinctively want to do, which is get the grid up again.”

THE DEMAND HAS BEEN MET EXCEPT WHERE IT HASN’T BEEN: “Thus far -- I know there are some shortages [in water and fuel], but thus far the demand has been met”.

WHERE GEORGE IS FIXIN’ TO GO AND WHAT HE’S OBVIOUSLY GOING TO SEE: “We’re fixing to go down to Galveston and obviously are going to see a devastated part of this fantastic state.”

WHAT HE’LL HAVE A CHANCE TO DO: “And it’ll give the Governor and me and the Congressmen and Senator and others a chance to express our heartfelt sympathies for those whose lives have been, you know, disrupted.”

WHAT GEORGE HOPES: “You know, I hope that the country does not have disaster fatigue.”

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