Friday, September 12, 2008

People who’ve taken risk in order to realize dream

McCain says again (video) that Palin knows more about energy than probably anyone else in America. Take that, Daniel Yergin!

Frankie Boyle, on Mock the Week, on global warming: The Eskimoes have 600 words for “we’re fucked.”

Hugh Dennis, on the same program, on the way McCain looks at Palin: He looks like he wants to “shoot her moose.”

Bush spoke in Oklahoma City this morning to “small business owners -- people who’ve taken risk in order to realize dream”.

Why Oklahoma City? Because they’re ignorant hillbillies (he said it, not me): “In Oklahoma a lot of people don’t know about health saving accounts, and one of the reason I’ve come down to this part of the country is because I do want people to understand they’re available and they’re good.”

Asked about the Palin interview, he quickly invoked his “no question policy,” then said, “She did just fine.” Maybe she even realized dream.

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