Monday, September 01, 2008

Nobody is happy about these storms

Dave Barry: “she was mayor of the Alaskan city of Wasilla, which has the same total number of households as John McCain.” Better than my igloo joke, I think, which is why he gets the big bucks.

One advantage of owning all those houses with all those rooms: no one ever tells you to “just get a room.”

Today Bush visited the Alamo Regional Command Reception Center in San Antonio. After a scintillating briefing on Hurricane Gustav,

which had him glued to his chair (anyone who writes “that ain’t glue” in comments will be banned for life, see if I don’t),

he met with some people who evidently symbolized other people: “Here are some Red Cross volunteers. They are -- they symbolize the thousands that will help.”

He explained why America is great: “America is a great country. It’s great because we’ve got great people. Nobody is happy about these storms.”

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