Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On the one hand, you see the horrors of war

Bush visited Walter Reed today. The hospital, not the middle school. After visiting some patients – after, mind you, he said, “I’ve also come to pay my respects to family members that are praying that their loved one can get back on their feet and serve again, or get back on their feet and live a normal life.”

Captain Oblivious strikes again.

Indeed, as ever he showed no signs of having registered that the catastrophic wounds he witnessed had anything to do with any decisions he might have made, but he did find everything... interesting. “It’s -- this is a interesting experience because, on the one hand, you see the horrors of war; on the other hand, you see the courage of the people that have volunteered to serve.”

HE MARVELS: “I marvel when I come to Walter Reed, I marvel at the fact that people say to me, Mr. President, I’d do it again.”

YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE SEVERELY INJURED SOLDIERS ARE? LUCKY, THAT’S WHAT. “And, General, we’re lucky -- and they’re lucky -- to have health care that can provide for the wounded and provide comfort to those who need the care.”

Every so often this just has to be said: Fuck you, George Bush.

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