Wednesday, August 14, 2013

There can only be a political solution by bringing people together with a political solution

John Kerry also has a statement about Egypt.

First, he wants it known that “The United States strongly condemns today’s violence and bloodshed across Egypt.” Although as he goes on, it’s clear that he’s unwilling to ascribe that violence and bloodshed to the police and military. Indeed, he only admonishes “demonstrators [to] avoid violence and incitement.”

“In the past week, at every occasion, perhaps even more than the past week, we and others have urged the government to respect the rights of free assembly and of free expression”. He evidently can’t remember exactly how long the US has been concerned with the rights of free assembly and free expression in Egypt, but he’s pretty sure it’s a week or so.

“We also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law and we call on the government to respect basic human rights including freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law.” See, here’s the thing about a coup/crapfest: it abrogates “due process under the law.” There is no “law” and certainly no due process when they are enforced by people who have no legitimate, legal right to do so.

WHENEVER THAT MIGHT BE: “And we believe that the state of emergency should end as soon as possible.”

“Violence is simply not a solution in Egypt or anywhere else.” I’ll just let that sentence sit there for a minute, like a giant turd that the US has shat on the Middle East for lo these many years.

WHAT VIOLENCE WON’T DO: “Violence will not create a roadmap for Egypt’s future. Violence only impedes the transition to an inclusive civilian government... And violence and continued political polarization will only further tear the Egyptian economy apart and prevent it from growing and providing the jobs and the future that the people of Egypt want so badly.” Who is responsible for this violence? He won’t say.

HE HAD TO USE THE WORD “TOLERANT” SO THAT NO ONE THOUGHT HE WAS CALLING FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE ELECTED CIVILIAN-LED DEMOCRACY: “The United States strongly supports the Egyptian people’s hope for a prompt and sustainable transition to an inclusive, tolerant, civilian-led democracy.”

I spoke too soon when I said that Kerry won’t assign any responsibility: “The interim government and the military, which together possess the preponderance of power in this confrontation, have a unique responsibility to prevent further violence and to offer constructive options for an inclusive, peaceful process across the entire political spectrum.” You know how they could exercise their unique responsibility to prevent further violence? STOP FUCKING SHOOTING PEOPLE!

HE HAS A BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN POLI SCI, YOU KNOW. FROM YALE AND EVERYTHING. “There will not be a solution through further polarization. There can only be a political solution by bringing people together with a political solution.”

WELL, EXCEPT THE ONES THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY HAS LOCKED AWAY IN SECRET DUNGEONS, OF COURSE: “The United States remains at the ready to work with all of the parties”.

At no point does he use the word coup, or allude to the coup in any way, much less suggest that it is responsible in any way for the violence which is totally not a solution. It’s more like a precipitate.

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