Thursday, August 08, 2013

Today -100: August 8, 1913: Of misdemeanors, child labor, arbitration, and lepers

The investigation of NY Gov. William Sulzer by the Frawley Committee suggests that not only did he under-report campaign donations, but some of the money went into stock speculation rather than the campaign. Or it’s all just a frame by Tammany Hall. Either one’s believable, really. The Legislature will reconvene next week and State Sen. Frawley says there’s enough evidence to justify impeachment or indictment (conviction even for a misdemeanor would have the effect of removing him from office).

The Georgia Legislature considered a bill to ban 12-year-olds from working and to require that all children, before being allowed to work, have to prove an ability to read and write, but after strong opposition from mill owners it’s been dropped.

The US and El Salvador sign a treaty not to go to war with each other for the next five years “without first thinking it over seriously,” in the words of the NYT, which does not appear to be taking this very important treaty very seriously.

Headline of the Day That We Can Only Hope Wasn’t Meant Literally (LA Times): “Wife Sticks to Leper.” The wife of George Hartman of St Louis insists he doesn’t have leprosy but he’s less in denial (he used to be a guard at a leper colony in the Philippines).

I don’t know how many Americans catch leprosy in the Philippines these days, if any, but I do know that one-third of Americans who do get it, get it from armadillos.

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