Friday, August 30, 2013

Today -100: August 30, 1913: Of lynchings, gypsies, protecting American women, detestable harridans, splendid cannibals, and letters to the editor

The Jennings, Louisiana, police chief and other town notables are arrested for accessory in the lynching of Joseph Comeaux, who was of course black. Comeaux had responded to a Syrian (probably Lebanese, I’d guess) shopkeeper who had brushed dirt onto his shoes by hitting him with his own broom, inflicting minor injuries. Obviously, he had to die.

A large band of gypsies attack the town of Lunel in France, before being fought off by the army. No idea what this is about, and there will be no follow-up stories.

Texas Gov. Oscar Branch Colquitt at the governors’ conference: “I would send every United States soldier into Mexico to protect American women, if necessary.”

In Britain, of course, it is the politicians who need protection from the women. Prime Minister Asquith is attacked by two suffragettes (or, as the NYT puts it, “detestable... harridans”) on the golf links. Charges against the detestable harridans will be withdrawn to save Asquith having to testify.

NYC Mayor Gaynor has a sore throat, possibly because he was shot in the throat three years ago.

Headline of the Day -100 (New York Globe): “Cannibals Are Splendid People.” Says Dan Crawford, author of “Thinking Black,” a missionary who has been living with the Luban of Central Africa for 23 years. “Their religion is one of sex,” he says, which probably explains why he finds them so splendid.

Uneaten Headline of the Day -100 (LAT): “REFUSED TO EAT HIS WORD.: Oklahoma Editor Killed When He Declined to Masticate Newspaper Criticising Former Treasurer.” Former treasurer of Murray County John Lindsay approached J. Y. Schenck, the editor of the Sulpher Democrat, and demanded that he retract and eat a story. Schenck refused and Lindsay shot him, as was the custom. The LAT doesn’t say what the paper said about Lindsay.

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