Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today -100: August 22, 1913: Of fighting guvs

Avignon Albany: Since Sulzer won’t give up the Executive Chamber, Glynn has another one built on the floor above. Everyone in government is ignoring the attorney general’s decision that Glynn is the One True Governor, and doing nothing while trying to ignore both presumptive governors, who in turn are both trying to avoid direct confrontation by doing no actual work. Sulzer asks the postmaster in Albany to deliver all mail addressed to the governor to him (that is, he’s trying to get the federal government to recognize him), and is told that all mail will continue to be sent to the governor’s PO box, to which Sulzer has the key. Glynn plans to demand that mail.

Speaking of embattled governors, America’s governor of Jolo Province in the Philippines, Vernon Whitney, kills two Moros who tried to assassinate him. He shot one and killed the other, the NYT says, with a barong. I’m not sure what the NYT thinks a barong is.

In the Senate, Boies Penrose (R-Penn.) introduces a resolution calling for troops to be stationed in Mexico to protect American lives and property, but not to aid either side in the civil war.

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