Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Today -100: August 6, 1913: Of heads, policewomen, religious freedom in the Balkans, and the most vigorous of protests in favor of the national dignity and decorum

Headline of the Day -100 (LA Times): “Train Severs Man’s Head.”

Headline of the Day -100 That Sounds Like The Title of An Early Porno Film But Isn’t: “Chicago Rejoices in Policewomen.” Eight are sworn in. “The Captain told the women he would give them the handsomest detective in the district to show them about and tell them how to ‘pull a box.’” Maybe it really is an early porno film. It still hasn’t been decided whether they get to carry clubs and guns. Exclaims one of the new cops, “Why, I know I can arrest somebody today! The Park is just full of spooners, who should make love at home.” The police chief actually wants them to “instruct and persuade” people rather than arrest them. Yes, definitely 18 frames-a-second porn.

Oh, and we have a Name of the Day -100: Chicago Police Chief McWeeny. Which probably explains the porn thing.

In Denver, however, the city’s first policewoman, Josephine Roche, resigns as Inspector of Amusements (I could make a joke here but I’m beginning to feel bad about all the porno jokes) because her cases are never prosecuted.

The US asks the Second Balkan War combatants to include a provision guaranteeing religious freedom in the peace treaty currently being negotiated. The real target of this, Romania, says no. Romania will be acquiring many new, no doubt delighted, Jewish citizens. Or would be if Jews were ever allowed to become citizens in Romania.

The NYT asks Mexican dictator Huerta some questions. He responds that he will refuse all intervention or mediation from the United States, that he will deal with rebels only by shooting them, and that the “present war is the most vigorous of protests in favor of the national dignity and decorum.”

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