Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today -100: August 11, 1913: Of sulzers

NY Gov. William Sulzer denies having used campaign contributions to speculate in the stock market.

Some in the NY Legislature doubt whether Sulzer can be impeached for acts committed before he became governor.

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  1. In A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution, Justice Story suggests that Executives can basically be impeached for anything, not necessarily a statutable offense.

    I gather it can even be done after they leave office.

  2. But that's the United States Constitution; this is the New York state Constitution, which I gather could have been more clearly written.

    Impeachment would not have been short-circuited by resignation (and Sulzer did put out feelers) in part because there are other possible penalties besides removal from office, such as a ban on office-holding (appointive + elective) in the future.