Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Today -100: August 7, 1913: Peace, ain’t it grand

A preliminary peace treaty is signed in the Second Balkan War. Bulgaria, which at the beginning of the First Balkan War was thinking of itself as the center of a new Balkan Empire, only to find itself at war with every other Balkan country in the Second Balkan War, will lose 90% of the territory it seized from Turkey, while Romania, Greece and Serbia will all become substantially larger. The NYT optimistically asks how soon it will be before the Third Balkan War. (Spoiler alert: one year, but it’ll have a different name.)

Sun Yat Sen flees China.

The Mexican government says that ex-governor Lind, Pres. Wilson’s personal envoy, must either come with credentials as a regular ambassador and recognition of the Huerta Junta, or he will not be welcome.

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