Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today -100: August 25, 1913: Slow news day

Nothing of interest to report. Sorry readers. And sorry, websites & Facebook pages that copy off this feature. Don’t know how you’ll fill your space today; might I suggest doing so by thanking your sources and linking back to them?

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  1. I send your stuff to friends and always with a recommendation for them to check the site, and also with the address. I don't generally put stuff on FB, though.

    I cannot prove I am not a robot. You have to prove I am. Hah!

  2. Oh, I think you pass the Turing test.

    Passing material on through email, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or even, if you're some kind of weirdo, through face-to-face conversation, is perfectly fine and indeed encouraged. I'm even fine with a little occasional plagiarism, just not on a daily basis without ever providing a link back or any other sign that the work they're posting is not their own.

  3. Hello! I often post a link to your blog on my Twitter feed -- @thebiographgirl -- where I tell about our history 100 years ago on this date. Keep up the pithy work!

  4. Ah, I was unaware of your Twitter feed (blog hits from Twitter or Facebook usually can't be traced back, so I know someone mentioned me, but not who). Am now following. Especially happy to see 100 year old movie news, of which I haven't been able to include as much as I want (although I did spend some time last week trying to see if there was an extant copy of a film for which a Met soprano was paid $17,000 to sing to a lion.