Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today -100: August 15, 1913: They told us New York had two governors, but the fact is it hasn’t any

Game of Thrones: Albany. The first day of the Dueling Governors in New York. William Sulzer fitted a new lock on his inner office and ate a sandwich at his desk, as he was unwilling to go home for lunch because someone might seize his office while he was out. Martin Glynn did nothing all day. The only piece of official business seems to have been an extradition request from West Virginia for a check-kiter; some poor deputy sheriff and a former sheriff up from West VA had to decide which of the two governors should sign his papers, and they wandered from office to office asking everyone they met whether Sulzer or Glynn was the actual governor. They got a signature from Sulzer before realizing he probably wasn’t governor anymore, then Glynn refused to sign papers that were already signed. Finally the West Virginians decided, “They told us New York had two governors, but the fact is it hasn’t any.”

Sulzer’s people are talking about indicting Boss Murphy as well as Assembly Speaker Alfred E. Smith, Sen. Frawley (the head of the committee which investigated Sulzer), and others for treason, that is, using this impeachment to seize control of the state government for Tammany Hall.

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