Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today -100: August 21, 1913: Mud, mud, glorious mud

The governor of Missouri claims that at least 250,000 men (including himself and, for some reason, the governor of Kansas) worked for free on the roads in the first day of his Good Roads campaign (Slogan: “Pull Missouri out of the mud”). He plans to do it again next year and says every state should.

Hungarian Prime Minister Stephan Tisza fights his third duel of the year.

Mexican dictator Huerta has met with Wilson’s special envoy, who presented him with Wilson’s proposals (Huerta resigns, elections held in which Huerta didn’t participate, cease-fire, etc) and, surprisingly, Huerta said no. Actually, he said he’d ignore Lind’s offers to mediate peace unless the US officially recognized his regime. He insists that Woodrow Wilson doesn’t have the support of the American people in non-recognition, which is an odd criticism coming from someone who overthrew and murdered a democratically elected president.

Romania promised full citizenship to Jews who entered the military for the Second Balkan War. Now, it tells the volunteers that they were mustered in illegally, so no citizenship for you.

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