Monday, August 05, 2013

Today -100: August 5, 1913: Of hop riots, lectures, and special envoys

There is a battle between IWW-led striking hop-pickers and a sheriff’s posse in Wheatland, California, with four deaths. This is the famous Wheatland Hop Riot (I’d never heard of it either)(or, indeed, of Wheatland, California).

Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan has abandoned some of his planned paid lectures, and the Democratic Party of Texas has offered to raise a large sum of money for him if he’ll stop lecturing when he’s supposed to be secretary of stating.

US ambassador to Mexico Henry Lane Wilson has resigned/been fired, at long last. John Lind, the one-armed former governor of Minnesota, will be sent as special envoy. Lind knows nothing about Mexico, has no experience in diplomacy, and doesn’t speak any Spanish, but his instructions from Woodrow Wilson are to end the fighting in Mexico, establish a provisional government satisfactory to all sides, secure free elections, get Gen. Huerta not to run in those elections, etc. These instructions immediately leak to the press.

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