Monday, August 13, 2007

An act of war, followed by an act of douchebaggery

Israel is still trying to expel Marya (also spelled Mariya) Aman, the Palestinian girl I mentioned a week ago, who was turned into a respirator-dependent quadriplegic by an Israeli missile attack on an Islamic Jihad leader’s car that also hit her family’s car. They want to send her to Ramallah in the West Bank (the Amans live in Gaza), where she would almost certainly die because the Palestinian health-care system can’t cope with her injuries. Israel says it was never under any obligation to give her medical treatment in the first place because its attack on her family’s car was an “act of war.” So that’s okay then.

Must-read: Frank Rich’s Sunday column (link to a version not behind the pay barrier).

Tommy “Thomas” Thompson drops out of the presidential race: we hardly wanted to know ye.

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