Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An opportunity to become more emboldened throughout the Middle East

Last night, Bush spoke at a fundraiser for Rep. Dave Reichert of Washington. “I look at him as a sheriff,” George said.

He praised, at least I think it was intended as praise, Reichert’s wife: “Like Dave, I married above my head.”

He said of Republicans, “We run for reasons.”

He said, “No President should ever want to come to any community in our country and say, we’re at war, but we are.” What, not any community? He went on, “And the fundamental question facing this nation is how do we face this conflict. What do we do?”, adding, “No really, what the fuck do we do? Anyone have a clue? Cuz I don’t.”

What does he know? “And I know it’s in our interest for us to deny al Qaeda a safe haven, or the extremists an opportunity to become more emboldened throughout the Middle East.” Yes, we’d hate for the extremists to have an opportunity to become more emboldened. Especially throughout the Middle East.

He said, “You know, when they open up a new school in Iraq it doesn’t make headline news. When al Qaeda kills a bunch of people, it does.” First, there was an article on the front page of the Washington Post just this past Saturday about that very subject. Two, a “bunch” of people?

A bunch?

He said, “I understand what it means to be dependent on a product from parts of the world where some people don’t like us.” Insert your own cocaine joke here.

Did my blog, or the less influential Daily Show, make Bush self-conscious about his use of “in other words”? There was only one in this speech – “We’re using a little more than 7 billion gallons of ethanol now, made mainly from Midwestern corn. In other words, there’s a whole industry growing.” And there was one part that was just crying out for an “in other words,” so I’ll restore it for him: “And our strategy makes sense. (In other words,) It’s a common-sense strategy.”

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