Thursday, August 02, 2007

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find out what it means to me

Gen. Rick Lynch, Military Moron, says that the enemy in Iraq is “the most vicious enemy we’ve ever seen. He has no respect for human life”. So Lynch will launch a wave of aerial bombing.

Sgt Lawrence Hutchins III has been convicted for the murder of Awad the Lame, but without premeditation, presumably because he and his men killed Awad the Lame after the guy they premeditated murdering wasn’t at home (by the way, none of the 8 were charged with conspiracy to murder that guy). Still, nice to see one member of the death squad convicted of actually killing Awad the Lame, the charge for which everyone else slid, either by acquittal or plea-bargain. Hutchins may have assured his conviction by his reported remark on the night, “Congratulations gents, we’ve just gotten away with murder.” For some reason he was acquitted of kidnapping. Hutchins was also the only defendant who didn’t claim post-traumatic stress.

Wars have repercussions for decades, including lethal ones. Last week several Vietnamese children, three I think, were killed by a 1970s landmine. This week a British man died at 86 from the effects of having been beaten by the Germans when he was a prisoner during World War II.

Public executions return to Iran. Fun for the whole family.

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