Saturday, August 11, 2007

A lot of opportunities to bring peace

Today Bush met with new French President Sarkozy in Kennebunkport. While awaiting Sarkozy’s arrival, he told reporters, “We’re going to have a heart-to-heart talk.” Uh oh. Is that anything like the heart to heart you threatened two days ago to have with Maliki if he dared say that Iran was a constructive influence? Reporters took the rare opportunity to question Bush extensively about whether there would be both ketchup and mustard available for Sarkozy to put on his hamburger (or hot dog, because America is all about free choice, if not haute cuisine) (that’s Frog talk) (Bush made fun of his father for speaking two words of French) (“le signe”), and “Do you think he’s bringing cheese?”

Bush said, “This is a complicated world with a lot of opportunities to bring peace”. Not many people can make peace sound so chilling. Well, you bring the “peace,” Sarkozy can bring the cheese, and we’ll see which one makes the world a better place.

Bush said, “I respect the French people, I respect the history of France.” Sadly, no one from what he called the “Fourth Estate,” a term which is derived from French history, gave him a pop quiz in French history, “what happened in 1789?”, “who called himself the Sun King?”, “who invented the guillotine?”, that sort of thing.

Then Sarkozy arrived, kissed all the women (he’s French, you know)

(Some days it’s harder to be French than others), and said a few words, while Bush got increasingly impatient, finally interrupting: “Beautiful. Thank you. We’ve got to go eat a hamburger. We’ve got to go eat a hamburger.”

Bush had said that he wasn’t sure if they would be going out fishing, but Sarkozy started doing a little “fishing” of his own.

(He’s French you know.)

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