Monday, August 13, 2007

Enormous sacrifices

This morning, Bush visited the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which he called “a building full of compassion”. He said, “there’s a lot of amazing things taking place here in this facility.”

It’s a little hard returning to work at the “in other words” coal-face after the Daily Show swept in and grabbed all the glory, and indeed I skipped a perfectly good “in other words” in Saturday’s weekly radio address, but, well....

IN OTHER WORDS: The secretaries of war and veterans affairs are “looking at the recommendations that the Dole-Shalala commission put forward, and they’re implementing them. In other words, the commission did really good work.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “When they come back in September, we want to work with Congress to pass that which is necessary to make sure that the Dole-Shalala commission recommendations are fully implemented. In other words, there are some aspects of the commission recommendations that require congressional approval.”

Then it was back to the White House, where he appeared on the South Lawn with Karl Rove, saying, “This is a family that has made enormous sacrifices not only for our beloved state of Texas, but for a country we both love.” Enormous sacrifices. This is literally not twenty minutes after leaving a facility for wounded veterans. Maybe Karl and his family can try some of that kayaking therapy.

So sad, so sad.

You’ll never leave me, will you Barney? What, you think I should invade Iran, Barney?

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