Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where lethal enemies have gathered

George Bush walking on his hind legs: It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.

Dick Cheney gave a speech yesterday to the Marine Corps League convention. He spoke about how terrorists are not very nice, and we know this because they operate just like Dick Cheney: “We know, from tough experience and from ongoing intelligence activities, how this enemy aims to proceed -- by plotting in secret, by slipping into the country, exploiting any vulnerability that they can find, and by using every form of technology they can get their hands on.”

“The central front” in The War Against Terror (TWAT), he said, is Iraq. “We are there because it is where lethal enemies have gathered.” Gathered what? Rosebuds? Nuts in May? No moss?

And “The main battle in Iraq today is against al Qaeda.”

But “there is unmistakable progress inside Iraq. More locals are getting into the fight.” Yay! More people killing each other! Unmistakable progress! Yay!!

The US embassy in Bolivia warned Americans not to attend a military and Indian parade in the city of Santa Cruz which, in the event, came off with no violence. But it does raise the question... a military and Indian parade?

Wait, there are pictures:

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