Thursday, August 09, 2007

Surge versus Surge

Military spokesmodel Lt. Col. Chris Garver warns that there may be a “surge in enemy operations” in Iraq, adding, “and surges are like totally our thing and they’re totally stealing our thing, and it’s not fair.” (Honestly, enough with the surge of surge references: “surge of operations,” “surge of facts,” etc.) Garver added (um, this one’s a real quote), “It would not surprise us at all if there were efforts by the enemies to make it look like this isn’t working at all.” Well, if they can pull off their “surge in enemy operations,” wouldn’t that make it not so much that it would look like the US surge isn’t working, as that it would actually not be working?

Laura and Jenna are to co-write a book about a president boy who doesn’t like to read. Can’t make this shit up. It will, of course, be a picture book.

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