Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It would be great if we could just leave it at that

From the London Times: “A senior police officer accused of criminal misconduct after meeting a woman for sex while on duty told a jury yesterday that he kept in his radio earpiece during the ten-minute encounter in case of emergencies.” You’re thinking that that’s not especially romantic, but in fact they met through a website for people who want to have sex with people in uniform, and he never took his off, so this was actually precisely the “encounter” the woman involved was looking for.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey told Congress not to require that troops be given a year off between deployments to one of our many fine war zones: “We prefer not to be limited or restricted by any kind of congressional action.” Gosh, me too.

Surge Alert: the US, in what the $300 million Random Operation Name Generator in the basement of the Pentagon has named Operation Marne Husky, will bomb the shit out of a region of Iraq too dangerous for the military to go to in person. Col. Daniel Bell calls this an “air surge.” It’s like air guitar, but with more civilian casualties.

Mitt Romney (at some point I’m going to have to make an executive decision about whether to call him NitWitMitt or Twitt Romney) snapped at reporters, “I’m pro-life; it would be great if we could just leave it at that.” Really, would everybody just stop asking Romney any questions about his positions on issues, he doesn’t like it.

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