Friday, August 03, 2007

Wreaking havoc through death (or possibly the other way around)

Bush is now asking Congress not to take its summer recess without giving him the power to conduct surveillance without warrants. Today he went to the FBI building to hold meetings. Important meetings. Meetings about homeland, excuse me, Homeland security and shit. “Just had a beginning of a series of meetings today, and during those meetings it is clear that people around that table fully understand we have no higher duty than to protect the American people.” “It’s important for the American people to understand there are cold-blooded killers who want to come to our homeland and wreak havoc through death. And that’s what we were discussing today.”

There is nothing I could add that would make stuff like “wreak havoc through death” funnier or more absurd than it already is. What’s a blogger to do?

Caption contest, that’s what.

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