Wednesday, August 29, 2007

But a half hour later you feel like censoring again

While we’re all waiting around for Larry Craig to announce that he is resigning the Senate to spend more time with his penis, bloggers and reporters have been enjoying themselves by learning all about the intricacies of gay sex in public places. The Explainer at Slate consulted an anthropologist about the whole foot-tapping thing (and a colorectal specialist, who advised against a wide stance). But has no one gone to the bathroom stall in question with a measuring tape? How wide a stance would be required? In fact, if we can somehow force Craig to re-enact his version of the incident, like Rose Mary Woods demonstrating how she supposedly accidentally erased that Nixon tape, I can die happy.

Jon Carroll, in an otherwise so-so column, suggests that the Bush administration has given us all “stupidity fatigue.”

The Israeli government has ordered that Mariya Amin, the Palestinian girl paralyzed by an Israeli rocket last year (who turns 6 tomorrow), be sent to the West Bank. The medical center in Jerusalem has refused the order. The Israeli Defense Ministry said it would be for her own gosh-darned good to move to “an environment that is natural for her”. I think when you guys destroyed her spine and put her on a ventilator, natural was pretty much taken off the table as an option, you loathsome bastards.

Beijing has introduced two lovable cartoon characters, Jing and Cha,

who will pop up every 30 minutes on the computer screens of anyone using the Internet, as an adorable reminder not to go to any naughty websites, or they will fuck you up. One can also click on them to report such sites.

All right, who’s the smartass who clicked on the picture?

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