Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It’s that spirit, by the way, that is going to allow me to predict with certainty New Orleans’ better days are ahead for the New Orleans people

George Bush is in New Orleans to celebrate all he claims to have done for the people of that town over the last two years. Yay, him! “Of the $114 billion spent so far -- and resources allocated so far, about 80 percent of the funds have been disbursed or available.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “But during that dinner, the Governor expressed her appreciation to the taxpayers of America. In other words, the taxpayers and people from all around the country have got to understand the people of this part of the world really do appreciate the fact that the American citizens are supportive of the recovery effort.”

And he made the second least believable statement by a politician this week: “Laura and I care a lot about the libraries.”

Do you have to ask? The least believable statement was “I am not gay. I never have been gay,” by Larry Craig (R-Third-Stall-on-the-Right).

I’m not hugely in the mood right now, so let’s have an extended caption contest:



The recipient of one of Bush’s famous black-woman-hugs is Gen White. Bush said, “Laura and I have just been given a tour by the Whites in their new home.” Possibly not exactly what he had in mind when asked to be given a tour of the whites’ new homes.





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