Friday, May 19, 2006

Attention to their detention

I refrained from posting on the story yesterday that Iran was going to require Jews to sew yellow strips of cloth on their clothing and Christians and Zoroastrians to similarly identify themselves because my bullshit detector went off, and sure enough the story was bullshit. Makes you wonder who started it...

The Gitmo authorities are claiming that one of the four suicide attempts yesterday (except they’re now saying there were only three) was actually a cunning plan to lure guards so that they could be attacked by other prisoners, who had slicked up the floors with, well, you don’t want to know. The guards then shot them with rubber pellets and a “sponge-type grenade” fired from a grenade launcher. Rear Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. said the prisoners were just trying “to bring attention to their detention.” Yes, “attention to their detention” – what do you expect from someone named Harry Harris? Of course, we don’t really know what happened or why because the only ones allowed to present their side are military officials, who haven’t exactly been truthful in the past.

The Pentagon website article linked to above has a picture of a basketball court in the facility where the outbreak took place, which I guess is intended to prove that the prisoners are well-treated, even coddled. Not coddled to the extent that they’re actually given a ball of course...

Indy headline: “At Last, America Has an Official Language (And Yes, It’s English).” I detect a faint whiff of English sarcasm.

Well? Are you?

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