Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kandahar ER

Yesterday, it was Maliki who expressed the adorably naive notion that he could say when foreign troops would leave parts of his country. Today, it’s Hamid Karzai, uttering faux outrage over the deaths of civilians in American bombing raids (as opposed to the governor of Kandahar, who said “accidents” happen). Deaths which are contrary to his explicit instructions: “on several occasions in the past, the president [yes, this is his statement: he’s doing that obnoxious third-person thing] had called on the coalition forces to be highly cautious to avoid civilian casualties during their military operations and not to be swayed by terrorists’ tactics who use people’s homes as a shelter.” Indeed, he “condemned” that tactic, but only expressed “concern” at the bombing of a civilian town. He also helpfully suggested to Afghan civilians that they resist attempts by terrorists to enter their homes. Gee, he makes it sound so simple. Puffed-up moron.

Some pics of the people beneath the bombs. There were females wounded as well, but as ever they are hidden away.

(Update: his name, by the way, is Mohammad Imran.)

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