Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The rented bicycle for the infidels

Here’s a nice put-down, from a Taliban commander encountered by a London Times reporter at a roadblock: “We will also hunt the puppet Afghans who are the rented bicycle for the infidels.”

A year ago, when the Supreme Court ruled that eminent domain could be used for the benefit of purely private profit, I wrote sarcastically, “I’m sure we will see many Wal-Marts condemned and the land turned over to mom & pop stores.” In fact, the small town of Hercules, CA, a few miles north of Berkeley, is under threat of a Wal-Mart moving in and will use eminent domain to seize the land Wal-Mart wants to build on.

Hollywood simply has to be stopped. There are plans for big-screen versions of Kung Fu and Welcome Back Kotter.

Pentagon website headline: “Suicide Bombings Mask Political Progress.” Yeah, that’ll do it.

Belarus has yanked “The Da Vinci Code” after four days because Christian groups found Tom Hanks’s hair offensive. The replacement: “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

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