Tuesday, May 02, 2006


How dare CNN run anonymously a quote as provocative as “It’s beginning to look like the Marines were overzealous.” Other than that, their story about the cover-up of the Haditha massacre has nothing new, and rather than less than was known in March.

The $100 oil-price bribe may be a transparent gimmick, but I want to put myself on the record as being willing to be given $100. I am in fact solidly in favor of being given money. Harry Reid unwittingly revealed himself to be part of the problem today when he said something about $100 not even being two tank-fulls. Um Harry: we don’t all drive SUVs.

Slow news day. In absence of better raw material I’m tempted to make fun of the headline “Bolivia: Morales Defends Gas Grab,” but I think I’ll just let it go.

(Update: No I won’t. Gas grab. Heh.)

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