Friday, May 05, 2006

Secrecy and accountability

The announcement of Porter Goss’s resignation on a Friday, with no replacement ready to be announced, suggests something interesting is up. Possibly involving hookers. Bush described the CIA as “known for its secrecy and accountability.”

Speaking of secrecy and accountability, Dick Cheney was in Kazakhstan today, talkin’ about oil and trying very hard not to talk about democracy and human rights (in the 2004 parliamentary elections, Nazarbayev’s party comes in first, with second place going to a party led by... his daughter), right after yesterday’s speech criticizing Russia for its record on democracy and human rights. Asked how he would evaluate Kazakhstan, he said, “I think the record speaks for itself.” Yes, yes it does.

Speaking of the record speaking, the Pentagon has finally put up the transcript of Rummy’s much-heckled speech yesterday. It’s fun because they’ve actually transcribed the heckling, among other things:
HECKLER: How can you sit here and listen to this war criminal?


HECKLER: You are a serial killer!

AUDIENCE MEMBERS: Sit down! Sit down!

HECKLER: This man needs to be impeached, along with George Bush. How can you sit here smiling and listen to this criminal?


AUDIENCE MEMBER: Get out of here!

HECKLER: You’re a war criminal, Mr. Rumsfeld!

(Pause while heckler is removed by security.)
Of course he or she was. The proper form of address is, “You’re a war criminal, Secretary Rumsfeld!”

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