Saturday, May 20, 2006


Your video of the day: “10 Things I Hate About Commandments.” (The Ten Commandments re-envisioned as the teen comedy it was always meant to be) (78 seconds long).

Looking through the new-books section at the public library today, I found sticking out of the latest Stephen King a business card for a “mental health rehabilitation specialist,” which I thought was an amusing thing to be using as a bookmark in that particular book (they didn’t get very far into it), until it occurred to me that it might have been the, um, specialist, going to the library and sticking his card into all the especially disturbing books.

I’m not sure how a government could be considered formed without proper ministers of interior, defense and national security in a normal country, much less Iraq, but there you go. It’s also being called a unity government (UG) by everyone, and Bush says it’s a “broadly representative unity government” (BRUG?) that “reflects Iraq’s diversity.” Broadly representative? So where are the broads? There are two, the women’s affairs minister and the human rights minister, who as the only Christian is a two-fer. Observer headline: “New Dawn for Iraq Marked by Bloodshed.” So, just like the old dawn then.

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