Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wherein we learn what is not normal

I’ve been thinking about whether to ask for the Democratic ballot when I go to vote in the June primary (as previously noted, I am not registered in any party). If I do, I’ll have to leave a lot of it blank given my refusal to vote for death penalty supporters for governor, lite governor or attorney general. Would-be governors Westly and Angelides (currently running negative ads denouncing each other for running negative ads) bow ritually before the sacred death chamber at San Quentin, but even Jerry freaking Brown (running for attorney general, of all things) would implement capital punishment while claiming to oppose it inside his shriveled opportunistic heart.

Lately, Bush is using more and more of those “I understand” sentences. Today: “I fully understand that a free Iraq will be an important ally on the war on terror (etc)”.

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki says he will use “maximum force against terrorism.” Evidently the problem has been that up until now their phasers have been set to stun. Maliki also claimed that “Militias, death squads, terrorism, killings and assassinations are not normal”. Er, right.

Farewell, Naked Guy, we hardly knew ye.

Which reminds me that the NYT ran an obituary earlier this week of the man who sent Checkers to Richard Nixon. I especially enjoy the obits of people who only entered the public eye for one brief moment. I once tore out of the paper the obit of the man who introduced colored bowling balls to a grateful world, planning to comment about what it must be like to have that as your legacy, but before I got around to it the woman from the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial died. I suggested that her tombstone was already written for her.

The Bushes leave church today, George as always thrilled not to have been struck down by lightning, the LauraBot trying to figure out how its leg attachments work.

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