Monday, May 01, 2006

Partners to help the Iraqi people realize their dreams

Iraqi President Talabani said yesterday that he’d met with representatives of 7 militias, and thought that they could be persuaded to disarm. Today, however, his office said that it was actually a subordinate who had made the contacts. And that it wasn’t with the insurgency but with some groups they wouldn’t name, but who weren’t Saddamists or connected to Al Qaeda. So basically someone is negotiating with someone else.

Bush said today that “the Iraqi leaders... need to know that we stand with them. ... and we believe we’ve got partners to help the Iraqi people realize their dreams.” Of course their dream is that we stop “standing with them” and go home already.

Or possibly we’re helping the Iraqi people realize their dreams by sending in the Marines to strip them down to their underwear and deposit them in classrooms.

On Saturday I mentioned the John Prescott sex scandal in Britain. Noting the “outrage” of the political editor of the Mail on Sunday (a tabloid) about Prescott and his diary secretary having sex after attending an Iraqi memorial service with the queen, Times columnist David Aaronovitch asks if he “could advise our more anxious readers on the correct interval between sharing a space with Her Majesty and having an orgasm.”

Reuters picture. That’s Rove and Economic Adviser Al Hubbard with Chimpy.

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