Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For the man who has everything

Tony Blair says that all foreign criminals should be deported after serving their sentences, with no regard for whether they face harm in their country of origin. Blair was once an actual human being, wasn’t he?

According to A Tiny Revolution, all terrorist and anti-terrorist politics is local.

An Indy article says that the international community, NGOs, the UN and such, have created a parallel administration in Afghanistan that not only dwarfs the Afghan government, but can outbid it in hiring Afghans with any education or English-language skills. It cites one guy who quit his $50/month job with the Ministry of Education rebuilding the country’s higher-education system for a $270/month job as a security guard for the UN World Food Program.

Your vocabulary words of the day, from the Germans, who have a word for everything, from a story about the voluminous records lovingly kept by the Nazis at the Mauthausen concentration camp and now opened to historians: Totenbuch (death book), and Genickschuss (literally neck shot, a single bullet shot into the back of the head). The latter appears 300 times, once every two minutes, in the record for April 20, 1942, when they killed 300 POWs to mark Hitler’s birthday.

I wonder if the Germans have a compound noun for.... this:

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