Sunday, May 07, 2006

Now his IQ is one degree above room temperature

British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is facing an investigation by Scotland Yard for his sex scandal: evidently it’s illegal to have sex in your office during working hours. Honestly, if you can’t have sex in your office during working hours, when and where can you have sex? No, really, I’m asking, when and where?

Hugo Chavez wants a referendum on letting him hold power without the inconvenience of further elections until 2031. Can the bloggy left please stop hero-worshipping this guy now?
(Update: there
’s a long and interesting debate on these insightful 27 words in comments.)

Pfizer experimented on sick Nigerian kids, and some of them died. This is not news, although the WaPo makes the extent of the cover-up clearer, and as I mentioned in a 2003 post is one of the reasons many Africans are deeply suspicious of things like polio vaccines. So Pfizer’s lack of ethics creates victims well beyond those given dangerous drugs.

The LAT examines murders in Baghdad. Mostly we haven’t been hearing about them unless they were the result of bombs, which most are not.

Some more Bush pictures. Two Marines and a maroon:

Guess who just found out he’s being sent to Iraq:

Bush delivered the commencement address at Oklahoma State University. They gave him an honorary degree, then snuck behind him, slipped a red hood over his head, and... What happened next? Ideas in comments.

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