Saturday, May 13, 2006

More fun and games with the California voter’s pamphlet

I bought 16 books, some of them hardcovers, for $5 at a Friends of the Library book sale today, which is pretty much my definition of a good day.

Received my California voter’s pamphlet today and have been reading candidate statements (under the rules for primaries, which change pretty much every two years as part of a relentless drive to create the stupidest possible system, people who are not registered with any party, such as myself, can request on election day the primary ballot of some parties (Democrat, Republican, American Independent) but not others (Green, Peace & Freedom, Libertarian). Candidates have to pay for their statements, so those from minor parties can be pretty terse. Here, in full, is the statement of the American Independent Party candidate for lite governor: “Political Right is, immediately, from God and, necessary, inherent in the nature of man.” I’m presuming that they were charged by the word but that the commas were free. He also links to his website, except... well, it seems to be for an internet get-rich-quick scheme.

A Barbara Becnel, running for governor as a Democrat, is a former associate of Tookie Williams. It’s not often a candidate tries to bask in the reflected glory of an executed killer, but there you are. She helpfully informs us that in the movie version, she was played by Lynn Whitfield.

And Jackie Speier (D), running for lite governor, still won’t shut up about being shot in Jonestown.

Cruz Bustamante, whose fat ass was handed to him by Schwarzenegger in ‘03, is now running for insurance commissioner and is promising to reduce the size of his fat ass. Really. Obesity increases insurance costs, so he says he will set an example by losing weight and keeping track of it online. Last week, he was down to 235 pounds, you’ll be glad to hear.

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