Thursday, May 17, 2007

George Bush meets one of the most diverse institutions in American life

Bush took part today in a Joint ROTC Commissioning Ceremony. He commissioned some joints. Or something. He complained about universities that do not have ROTC programs, putting it in terms he seemed to think should shame and embarrass those beatnik commie hippies: “But surely the concept of diversity is large enough to embrace one of the most diverse institutions in American life.” He added, “But none a’ you is queers, right?”

He asked them to bring honor to their uniforms. He asked them to set high standards for themselves. And he gave this advice: “Do not ask of those under your command anything that you would not ask of yourselves.” He then ordered them to get their daddies to pull strings to make sure they never face enemy fire, bum around Texas bars for a while, then blow off the last year of their commitments.

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