Monday, May 14, 2007

We’ve got al Qaeda in both places right now

Condoleezza Rice says of talk that there is a “new Cold War” with Russia, “I think the parallels just frankly have no basis whatsoever,” adding that it’s just too bad that she spent all those years studying the Cold War, since that information is of no use in her current job, for which she therefore has no qualifications, and will be resigning at once.

Dick Cheney, still in the Middle East, went on Fox News to give his usual forthright, transparent insights into governmental activities: “I don’t want to characterize the conversations I had with any of the leaders.”

He said of American opponents of the Iraq war, “I think they have to be responsible for the consequences of the policy recommendations they make. ... accountable for what would happen when that policy followed, what happens inside Iraq, what kind of encouragement that might give to al Qaeda.” He added, “a responsible public official has to accept the responsibility for the consequences of what they recommend.” So presumably he’ll also be resigning at once.

He also said that “some people want to say they want to fight the good war in Afghanistan, not the bad war in Iraq. Well, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work that way in the real world. We’ve got al Qaeda in both places right now.” Funny how that happened.

What’s more obnoxious, Cheney lecturing other people about taking responsibility for the consequences of what they recommend, or Cheney lecturing about how things work in the “real world”?

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