Sunday, May 20, 2007


The NYT has another of those articles about the rising death toll among “contractors” in Iraq that fail even to ask how many Iraqis those contractors are killing, exempt from the jurisdiction of any legal system.

Was it my imagination, or did Tom DeLay, on the Colbert Report Thursday, really cite Terri Schiavo as one of the great Republican successes that the party should have been playing up during the 2006 elections?

Unlike Prince Harry, Tony Blair is making a “surprise” visit to Iraq (some men are born to irrelevance, some achieve irrelevance...) He complained about the press paying too much attention to bad stuff and not enough to good stuff, and he told the British troops, “If we don’t sort this region out then there is, in my view, a very troubled and difficult future for the world ahead of us.” Because no troubled and difficult future has ever come out of some Western imperialist deciding to take up the white man’s burden and “sort this region out.”

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