Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking the fight to the enemy

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, Military Moron, has been promoted from his spokesmodel job and put in charge of actual troops as a division commander in Iraq. He gave a briefing Friday in which he used the phrase “my battlespace” something like 600 times. Lynch says that US casualties in Iraq will increase “because we’re taking the fight to the enemy.” So that’s okay, then. Just remember that if the number of dead American soldiers rises, it will show that we are winning. If it goes down, that will also show that we are winning. Care to guess what the number staying exactly the same will show? (In Lynch’s first appearance in this blog in 2005, he was insisting that car bombs were a sign of progress towards democracy.) He also blamed Iran for sending “accelerants of violence” to, he claims, both Shiite and Sunni insurgents.

Photographer Spencer Tunick, who does this sort of thing, got 18,000 people to pose naked in Mexico City yesterday. Oh sure, when I try to get 18,000 people to pose naked, they just look at me funny, but when Mr. Big Time Artist asks...

These are news agency photographs. You can find some of Tunick’s photos at the link in the last paragraph, or google him. Some of them are quite interesting.

Queen Elizabeth is in the US on a “All right, enough with the ‘independence’ crap already, I want my shit back” tour. She met George Bush at the White House, which she plans to give to the corgis, today. She and George did not pose naked, as far as I know. Take a look at these pictures, and I have a question for you afterwards.

All right, how many of you pictured George putting on Liz’s hat?

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